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Welcome to Custodial - Serviced by UG2

Custodial Services is contracted through UG2. UG2 has a huge role in maintaining the beauty of the Stanford campus. Our Custodial Team provides LBRE academic buildings with base and periodic cleaning services as well as a multitude of additional services.


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Base Services

UG2 provides standard "Base" cleaning service to all Academic Buildings on a regular basis as part of their Stanford contract. The frequency of each task depends on the type of room or area that is being serviced.

For more information, please visit Base Services.

Additional Services Pricing Guide

UG2 provides additional services to the academic campus population. These services include pre & post event cleaning, kitchen and furniture deep cleaning, power washing and general office/furniture moving services among others. These services are Customer Funded, payable by the department requesting the work.

For pricing information, please see the Custodial Pricing Guide.

Periodic Custodial Services Schedules

UG2 has worked with LBRE to determine the most effective schedule to maintain floor surfaces at an appropriate standard for a world-class university. The program takes into account many factors, including frequency of usage, number of occupants, and primary function of space. The program is currently being applied to areas of campus based on a schedule set forth by Stanford.

Click the link for the District below to view the floor cleaning schedule for each building in that District. Dates for specific tasks are indicated in the month and week that the service is scheduled.

District A Schedule

District B Schedule

District C Schedule

District D Schedule

Annual Window Cleaning

Annual Window cleaning is offered to Academic Buildings across the Stanford Campus on a one time annual basis. All building managers will be made aware two weeks in advance of their buildings scheduled service date.  Any additional coordination will be handled at that time.

General Moving Services

Information Coming Soon.


For urgent assistance, please call our 24/7 dispatch center at 650-723-2281.

For general questions or status on a work order, you can reach us via email at

For Custodial Rates & Fees, please visit the Custodial Pricing Guide.

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