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Building Systems & Utilities Shutdown Policy

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What is a "Shutdown"?

A shutdown is a scheduled temporary interruption of a utility or building operation service for the purpose of maintenance, repair, testing,  and/or replacement of equipment.

All academic scheduled shutdowns, except irrigation shutdowns, must be initiated after the Project Manager has performed initial outreach with Building Management and District Management. Outreach shall consist of scope of work, impact to building(s), and schedule.  After outreach has been completed and approved by all parties, the Project Manager shall submit an online Shutdown Notification Form. Please submit the Shutdown Notification Form twelve (12) business days prior to requested shutdown date.

Roles & Responsibilities

Pr​​​​oject Manager 

Determine direct impact to the building and building systems. 

  • Determine which areas, building utilities, rooms/labs, and lab equipment are impacted and investigate options to minimize impact to teaching and research.
  • Determine tentative shutdown dates, times, and durations.
  • After shutdown scope is determined, communicate with Building Management and District Management for approval.
  • Provide information to Building Management as requested.
  • Reach out to District Management and determine if BGM Shop assistance is needed.
    • If BGM Shop assistance is required, a work order is to be submitted and PM confirms availability and schedules with individual shops.
  • Project Management may coordinate with Building Management to determine if townhall meeting is required with building occupants.
  • After shutdown has been approved by Building Management and District Management, submit Shutdown Notification Form.
    • The Shutdown Notification Form submission request must be made at a minimum of ten working days prior to the requested shutdown.
  • Verify shutdown flyer notices are posted.
  • After shutdown is complete, verify that all building systems are back online and notify building management and district management that shutdown is complete.

Primary Building Manager

  • Communicate with building/lab occupants regarding shutdown and obtain feedback as needed for project manager.
  • Determine proposed tentative shutdown dates, times, and durations are acceptable. If not, reach out to Project Manager for reschedule.
  • Provide final approval of shutdown.
  • Post shutdown flyers at building as soon as flyers are provided.
  • After shutdown is complete, notify building/lab occupants that building systems are back online and remove building shutdown flyers.

If you require a shutdown of:

Scheduled Shutdowns

Shutdowns must be scheduled in advance. The submission request must be made at a minimum of ten working days prior to the requested shutdown. The shutdown will be scheduled for a time that is least disruptive to building occupants, scientific programs, classroom schedules and/or laboratory processes, and is cost effective.

The following Stanford University representatives may request shutdowns:

  • Project Managers
  • Building Managers
  • Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Technicians
  • District Management

NOTE: Contractors and other outside agencies may not directly schedule the work of Buildings and Grounds Maintenance employees for shutdowns.

To see a list of currently planned shutdowns, go to Building System Planned Shutdown Notifications.

Unscheduled Shutdowns

Quick response shutdowns are intended to be used for unexpected needs that could result in damage or danger if not attended to. To obtain an unscheduled quick response shutdown, contact our 24/7 dispatch center at 650-723-2281.