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Campus Homeowners

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Information for Campus Homeowners

Stanford Faculty Staff Housing is the primary contact for campus homeowners.

LBRE Services Provided in Faculty Staff Neighborhoods

  • Roadways
  • Street signs
  • Street lights
  • Water and sewer mains
  • Trees and Landscaping in public areas only 
  • Trash and Recycling Services via PSSI

LBRE Services Provided in your yard

LBRE no longer provides landscaping or tree services to Faculty Staff homeowners private property.

LBRE Services Provided in your home

We are responsible for water and sewer services only; if you have an interruption in service, call us at 620-723-2281. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with plumbing problems, such as clogged pipes and leaky water heaters; you will need to contact a private plumber in these cases.

We are also unable to help with:

  • Home repairs and maintenance
  • Telephone repairs (contact your telephone service provider)
  • Power Outage - PG&E oversees the power grid in the Faculty Staff Neighborhoods. Please contact PG&E at 800-743-5000 for any questions or concerns regarding your power service.