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District Management Staff

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District Staff by District

Don't know which District you are in? See the District Map.

District A

District A provides building systems support for the following schools: Dean of Research, Humanities and Sciences, ITS, School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences, School of Engineering, and off campus areas at Hopkins Marine Station and the Foothills. Furthermore, District A provides technical assistance and coordination support related to misc. building issues, building commissioning, building system's performance, construction plans review, updating Facility Design Guideline, and District Technical Training. Last, District A is responsible for building shutdown coordination and preventative maintenance testing coordination.

CIS Maintenance Shop

The CIS Maintenance Shop provides facilities maintenance services in support of the Center for Integrated Systems (CIS, 04-050) and its annex building (CISX, 04-055). The CIS Maintenance Shop provides preventative maintenance and inspection, reactive maintenance, and 24 hour emergency response for building facilities.

District B

District B is responsible for a variety of the campus theme areas. While an eclectic mix, they include biology, chemistry, computer science, UIT data centers, museums, art studios, libraries and a biological preserve are among the major areas. Making sure LBRE is prepared for natural & manmade emergencies is one of the other District B responsibilities.

District C

District C is responsible for maintenance and renewal projects to keep academic buildings safe and well maintained. District C includes over 100 buildings: Libraries, Law School, Graduate School of Education, and Student Affairs buildings. Keeping our core mission of teaching and research as our goal, we work with the Building Manager community for training and outreach for LBRE.

District D

District D is responsible for the preservation, engineering, construction, and maintenance of many unique buildings around Stanford University, including the historic Main Quad, Encina Hall, Hoover Institution, Memorial Auditorium, Littlefield, and Stanford in Washington. Notable recent projects include historical exterior preservations of Memorial Auditorium & Encina Commons, Main Quad historical paver replacements, Memorial Church stained glass window restorations, and Hoover Tower cleaning/restoration. District D is also involved in many building accessibility projects, classroom renewal management, and mechanical & electrical retrofits for energy savings.