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Seasons & Weather

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Seasons & Weather

Stanford University enjoys a temperate climate throughout the year, providing campus foliage with the sun, rain and wind it needs to grow and spread.  Grounds employees are also on hand, adding nurture to nature and sustaining the beautiful landscape.

Seasonal Changes Across the Campus

Plant-life on Stanford’s campus is constantly in flux, as the landscape changes dramatically from season-to-season.  Each season offers a unique experience to the University grounds’ landscape.


The winds pick up as the emerging sun dries away the Winter rains and gives new life to plants across the campus.  Spring growth, both in plants and insects, make this one of the busiest seasons for Grounds employees.


While Summer provides plenty of the sun plants need to grow, the dry season can also be hard on those plants most dependent upon water.  The Irrigation Crew makes sure campus flora stays well-watered, while our shrub crews work to prune Spring growth. 


As the weather begins to chill, trees and plants around campus change their color, and leaves scatter across the grounds. Both nature and nurture are actively changing the landscape, as Grounds personnel gear up for the approaching Winter.


The Autumn chill turns quickly into Winter storms.  Some plants may be dormant, while others take advantage of the rain to grow.  Grounds Crews spring into action, keeping the campus clean after every storm.