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Plant Life

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Plant Life

Stanford University is home to an outstanding variety of plants, including California native plants, an assortment of Eucalyptus and other tree species and a diverse range of flowering plants that bloom throughout the year.  Below, you will find information on the specific plants currently growing and thriving on Stanford’s campus and around the area.

California Native Plants

There is an abundance of plants of California origin growing throughout Stanford University.  Interested in seeing some of these wonderful specimens up close?  You can visit Stanford’s California Native Garden or find locations for a variety of native plants flourishing across the campus.

California Native Garden

Stanford hosts a California Native Garden, which boasts a variety of plant-life.  The garden, located on the East side of the Keck Science Building, has continued to thrive since its dedication in June of 2003.  

Where can I see native plants on Stanford’s grounds?

In addition to the Native Garden, California native plants can be seen throughout the campus landscape. 

What’s in bloom?

Plant life on Stanford’s campus is constantly in flux, as the landscape changes dramatically from season-to-season.  Each season offers a unique experience to the University grounds’ landscape.  Visit our Seasons and Weather page for more information on seasonal blooms and activities