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Fleet Management FAQ

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Do I need to go through the Fleet Office to buy a car?

Fleet Management Office is available to help evaluate vehicle requirements (if needed). Fleet Office can work with departments to evaluate organizational needs and identify appropriate specifications.

Do I need to use the Fleet Office for maintenance?

University policy requires that department meet vehicle maintenance guidelines whether your vehicle is serviced through Fleet Management Office or directly with vendor.  The department must provide all documentation (including Preventative Maintenance Task List) of service to the Fleet office so the vehicle maintenance records are accurate.

My organization hardly ever uses this vehicle.  Why does it need an inspection?

For safety and liability reasons, it is University policy to conduct preventive maintenance (PM) inspections of internal combustion and electric vehicles, and carts. Vehicles that sit for long periods of time may be in greater need of inspection than those that are used frequently. For example, vehicle may become home for rodents that destroy vehicle systems.

If your organization has a vehicle that is used infrequently, department may want to consider alternatives to the cost of maintaining and insuring it.

Why does my organization need to designate a local fleet manager?

Each organization must designate a local fleet manager to be responsible for ensuring that the department’s vehicles and drivers comply with Stanford policies.